Product dashboard screenshot showing current NPS score with breakdowns, and current list of responses.

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NPS Surveys

Net Promoter Surveys provide an easy way for users to provide ongoing feedback on your service that you can use to inform present and future product plans and increase customer satisfaction.

Communication Center

ShadowAide provides a full message center where you can follow up with your users on their feedback, keeping everything related to your NPS scores together in a single place.

User Activity

Track changes over time to individual users satisfaction with your product, monitoring their ratings and feedback as they continue using your service.

All the features you need

Screenshot showing a user survey response with historical activity


Survey on web, in your mobile app (Android / IOS), or send via email

Automatic Scheduling

ShadowAide automatically selects survey channels and frequency to maximize your feedback


Survey styles can be customized easily to match your application and brand styles

Data Retention

Watch trends over time with a full history of the feedback and survey results you receive

Segment Feedback

Tag feedback to segment and monitor specific feedback trends


Connect your ratings and feedback with the other tools in your process

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