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Thanks for signing up to Shadowaide!

We have language bindings for Web, Android, and IOS available currently. You can view code examples in the dark area to the right.


To install, add this to your html:

<script src="//"

Make sure to replace shadowaide_api_key with your account key.

If you don’t already have an account in Shadowaide, you can register a new account from our website.

Identify the current user

This is an optional (but highly recommended) step which allows survey results to be associated with users when you view the survey responses and enables you to follow-up with users via email if you have additional questions or would like to resolve an issue a user has raised through their feedback.

    email: '', // Required if email surveys are enabled
    id: 'id_i18kjdsn',    // Optional: Unique user identify, used when you desire user details to remain out of their record
    name: 'Test User',    // Optional: User name, will be shown when viewing details for user
    customer_since: 123456789, // Optional: Unix timestamp for when user was created, used for timing followup surveys and communications
    age: 23,              // Optional: Supported for segmentation purposes
    plan: 'premium'       // Optional: Supported for segmentation purposes

Displaying a survey

When you have a user at a particular point in your workflow where you’d like to record your NPS score, simply use the following code. We’ll apply sampling to determine which users to poll, and will prevent users from seeing the survey too often.